APX Inc. is the leading infrastructure provider for environmental and energy markets in renewable energy and greenhouse gases including renewable energy certificates (RECs), energy efficiency certificates, carbon offset certificates such as voluntary emissions reductions (VERs), and greenhouse gas emission allowances. With a singular focus on providing trust, transparency, and integrity for environmental markets, the company is the solution of choice for every major renewable energy market in North America and greenhouse gas markets worldwide. APX provides 24/7 support of environmental markets through secure, fully staffed and geographically redundant data centers. Users of these systems include all key market participants including brokers, corporations, generators, NGOs and government organizations. In 2009, more than 1300 companies across the US and internationally relied on APX for integrity in tracking intangible environmental assets.

APX also provides technology, strategic consulting, and expert operational services to assist wholesale power market participants to reduce costs and improve performance in power scheduling, settlement, market operations, system operations support, and demand response programs.

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