If your facility meets the definition of a renewable energy facility whose output can be used to comply with NC’s renewable energy portfolio standard, you should apply to register the facility with the Commission. (See NC General Statutes 62-133.8.) The Commission’s Rules R8-66 explain the filing requirements. The rules can be found at the Commission’s web site via this link:


After you make the submittal, the Commission will assign it a docket number. The Public Staff of the Commission will review the filing and forward the Commission a recommendation within 10 business days. You can discuss the Public Staff’s review by contacting Jay Lucas at 919-733-2267

Finally, the Commission will issue a final order either approving or rejecting the application. Once a facility has an order approving registration with the Commission, the facility owner can contact NC-RETS to register the facility in NC-RETS and begin to create renewable energy certificates.

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