1) What is the North Carolina Renewable Energy Tracking System (NC-RETS)?

NC-RETS provides an easy-to-use, Web-based platform to create, track, and manage renewable energy certificate (REC) origination for renewable energy production facilities, utility energy efficiency and demand-side management programs, and hydro power sold by the Southeastern Power Administration to NC municipal … Continued

2) Is NC-RETS available for the state compliance program?

Yes. NC-RETS was developed to serve as the tool to implement and verify compliance with the North Carolina renewable energy portfolio standard. NC-RETS can also be utilized for transactions in the voluntary marketplace.

3) What is the shelf-life of a REC?

There is no shelf life for a REC as it can be sold on the voluntary market any time. However, a NC utility must purchase a REC within three years of its creation in order to use it for compliance. … Continued

5) What benefits does the NC-RETS provide?

Benefits include: Easy to use, cost-effective, Web-based system No charges for renewable energy generators unless they export or retire certificates Transparent, high-quality, secure record keeping protects against double counting of renewable energy or energy savings Full documentation, public reports and … Continued

7) How does NC-RETS work for renewable energy facilities?

Renewable energy facilities must apply to be registered with the Commission. The Commission will consider whether the facility meets the definitions required by North Carolina’s portfolio standard. That is, whether its fuel source is, in fact, “renewable.” Once registered, the … Continued

8) What does NC-RETS offer the citizens of North Carolina?

NC-RETS ensures the integrity of the certificates, and hence North Carolina’s renewable energy portfolio standard, through a transaction-based data structure designed to prevent double-counting and provide a full audit trail. Additionally, over time, NC-RETS will provide publicly accessible reports that … Continued

9) What is the infrastructure that supports NC-RETS?

The North Carolina Utilities Commission selected APX to develop and administer NC-RETS. NC-RETS is powered by the most widely used, highest volume, and technically advanced environmental attribute tracking infrastructure that has been developed over nearly a decade. With more than … Continued

10) How does NC-RETS verify renewable energy generation?

Every renewable energy facility must be registered with the North Carolina Utilities Commission and provide NC-RETS a docket number for the order demonstrating such approval. Until this approval is received and the order posted on the NCUC web site [www.ncuc.net], … Continued